Delayed Until November

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Vicki Lynne 1984

Vicki Lynne 1984

Last week, the United States Courts for the Ninth Circuit granted Atwood’s defense team an extension in filing their opening brief until November 21, 2014. As I stated in a previous blog, I should have placed a Las Vegas wager that this would happen as it was a much anticipated move by Atwood’s defense team, claiming the case is long, complicated and they needed more time to prepare the brief on his behalf.

Borrowed time on our tax paying dime, as they continue to manipulate the legal system to their benefit.

It’s been 10,860 days since Atwood kidnapped, sexually assaulted and murdered my 8 year old sister, Vicki Lynne. 10,860 days he has lived on this earth, freeloading off the tax payers, getting a college education, writing books and selling them from his website, repeatedly trying to have contact with children through the mail and fighting for his life that should have ended long ago for the brutal crime he committed.

The clock is ticking for Atwood, and as each day passes we are one day closer to seeing his punishment being carried out. For now, I have satisfaction in knowing he is haunted by Vicki’s cries and the horrible torture he put her through, secretly wishing he was dead.

This delay is frustrating and so incredibly difficult to explain to those who carry this horribly tragic and personal story in their hearts. Why will we have to wait any longer? It’s already been 29 years, 8 months and 26 days to see justice carried out.

Today, I continue to have confidence in our attorneys as they prepare for what lies ahead, and pray for the panel of judges who will hear our case… and will wait to see what November brings.


  1. Carla Cheesbourg Weber says

    This just sickens me! I am so angry that he has put your family through all of this again! My heart aches for your family and I pray for an end and justice for your beautiful sweet sister! Her smile still brings a smile to my face! I look at her face and see a real angel! You and your family are so special to us and are always in awe of your strength!
    If there is anything that we can do, please just say the word!

  2. Carla,
    It is so incredibly frustrating, and the injustice continues to happen as time ticks on. We will continue to be strong and thankful for the love and support we get from our friends like you! We appreciate you and your family continues to give to us and promise to let you know if there is anything you can do to help us!
    Lots of love!

  3. Bret Linden says

    Hello Stephanie,

    I haven’t commented on your blog recently, but still check in from time-to-time and keep updated with your entries. I am very pleased that this blog continues to exist, and that you do such a wonderful job with it. It is important not only to keep Vicki’s memory alive, but to keep the public aware that a killer has been sitting on death row for far too long, even by legal-system standards of time.

    Concerning this entry, and the Ninth Circuit…I’m not a lawyer, so I’ll ask; that’s the last step before the Supreme Court, is that right? A continuance until late November just to file an opening brief? I seriously question the competency of any attorney who needs that much time to prepare such a thing.

    After yesterday’s execution incident (yet another inmate who has been waiting less time than Atwood), I am afraid for this case, and I am afraid for you and your family. I am afraid that Atwood, supported by anti-capital-punishment crybabies are going to use yesterday’s incident as an excuse to either not execute Atwood, or to add to the already-far-too-long delay.

    • Hello Brett!

      Thank you for continuing to check in on my blog!

      To answer your questions, Yes, the delay was granted to the defense to allow them more time to prepare their opening brief. Once the 9th Circuit rules in our favor in this regard, we do go on to the US Supreme Court where our case has been before, each time that court has also ruled in our favor.

      I, too, have questioned the need for Atwood’s defense team’s to prepare for this brief, as they have logged in thousands of hours on this case. Honestly, I have come to realize its just a game to them, stall tactics buying Atwood more time on our tax paying dime. It is a sad world we live in where we have allowed our legal system to be so manipulated by attorneys like Atwood’s fighting for the life of a man who has committed such unthinkable crimes against children through the course of his life. How does defending such a monster make a person feel good about what they do everyday?

      I will keep the blog updated as we move forward, especially if the execution that happening on Wednesday starts to effect our case.

      I continue to appreciate your support, it means a lot to me!


  4. Vicki has been in my heart & family’s hearts as well. This man is guilty of a horrific crime against a beautiful soul & he deserves to meet his maker, he deserved it 29 yrs payers are feeding him while he lives n breathes.. Vicki didn’t have that luxury! The courts are basically saying he has rights, NO he DOESN’T, he gave those up the moment he saw Vicki. I’m sickened by the justice system how they cant end this by giving him the same choice Vicki got which was NO CHOICE by death, there making it hard for Vickis family & those that have her in there hearts to b at peace w this..To all those Anti-capital punishment crybaby hypocrites you disgust me on how u think keeping this man alive does any good, You all turned ur backs on Vicki the day u faught to keep him alive!…RIP sweet beautiful soul VICKI, May you forever b in the hearts & memories for yrs to come. May this man one day that can’t come soon enough, meet his maker & forever suffer the consequences from the CHOICE he made..

    • Thank you for taking the time to share your feelings… The justice system has continued to let us down, and this process has taken far to long. Your support to our family is so deeply appreciated, and we will keep fighting until punishment is carried out.
      I am always humbled when people take the time to write in and let me know that her spirit and memory is alive in their hearts!
      All my love,

  5. Kimberly Vasquez says

    I remember this so clearly, being a Tucson native and I was 8 yrs old when this happened as well. I am so heart broken you haven’t seen justice fully served yet.

    • Kimberly,
      …we are heart broken together… but we will remember her smile and fight to bring justice to her!
      Much love,

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