“Hound Hog’s Day”

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Ground Hog’s Day, jokingly known as “Hound Hog Day”, is also my sister, Vicki’s birthday.

This week at school our girl’s learned about Punxsutawney Phil and what it means if he will see his shadow or not.  As we discussed the meaning of today, I shared with the girls that Ground Hog’s Day is also Aunt Vicki’s birthday. And how when she was small she couldn’t say her “G’s” very well so she would call it “Hound Hog’s Day”.

Madison & Mackenzie often ask me questions about Vicki. “Mom, Did Aunt Vicki like horses?” “Do you think she would like to ski?” “What was her favorite color?” “Did she draw well?”“Did she play with dolls?” “Could she run fast?”

These questions happen randomly and sometimes catch me off-guard. It makes me happy they are curious to know more about her, but it also has made me realize that sometimes we may talk more about what happened to Vicki than about her life.

Vicki's 8th Birthday Party

Vicki’s 8th Birthday Party

Vicki’s favorite color was pink and she loved Strawberry Shortcake.

She was a fierce competitor and would “scrap with the best of them” if you ask our elementary p.e. teacher, Coach Hall.

Vicki had a fire in her eyes that let you know she was serious, and a smile to go with her amazing blue eyes that would melt your heart.

She would light up a room when she walked in and entertained you.

Vicki did not liked to be teased about her freckles… aka… angel kisses.

Her nickname was “Oooggle Boogle”.

She wanted to learn to twirl a baton.

Vicki was proud of her younger brother, and giggled when we dressed him up in girls clothes and strolled him around the block..

She was proud to be a “Girl Scout Brownie”… we still have her uniform.

Vicki spent many Saturday nights cheering her Papas on at the race track, she was proud of him!

She loved tacos, but hated pizza.

Vicki was “Annie’s” double.

She loved her pink bike.

Vicki was a softball playing machine. And, she meant business on the field. This must have been a natural family talent.

She loved playing barbies and having sleepovers.

We loved it when our Aunt Kimmy made us spaghetto’s and french fries.

And, although I have many memories, one of my favorites is the times we spent out underneath the starry skies at the lake.

Today I hope that if you didn’t know her before she passed away, that you know a little more about her now.

Her life was short, but it was packed full of LIFE. And, I never want to lose sight of that or stop sharing our stories and memories of her.

Happy 37th Birthday Vicki… We love and miss you!



  1. Happy Birthday Vicki Lynn. We all miss you so much

  2. marie montgomery says

    We never got to meet Vicki Lynn but we know you and we know we would have loved her just as dearly. Happy Birthday Vicki Lynn

  3. That was beautiful! She was lucky to have a sister like you.
    Happy Birthday Vicki Lynn.

  4. This made me smile. Thanks Stephanie. I hope you will continue to add to this. Hated pizza??? She was unique indeed….this is the first I have heard of anyone disliking pizza! 🙂

  5. Carol Fornoff says

    I loved reading about Vicki’s likes and dislikes. I just know that our murdered daughter, Christy Ann and her are friends in heaven. Their personalities are so much the same. Thank you for sharing Vicki with us all.

    • Carol, Thank you so much for your kind words. It was fun to write! We both can have great comfort knowing that Christy & Vicki are smiling down on us today! All our love ~~Stephanie

  6. Kelly Cutbirth says

    Love this…I love that she wanted to learn to twirl a baton. I was a “baton twirler”, and remember having to walk in some parade just a few days after Vicki was found.

  7. Greg Roland says

    Happy Birthday, Vicki. Stephanie, I don’t necessarily hate pizza, but I also love tacos……Beautiful Tribute!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Vicki Lynn!! As I read your sister’s memories I am reminded how important you are to this world. That your story should never end. You are, in my mind, the angel that guards the hearts of each of your family. I knew your Momma and I will always be grateful to have met her. You are definitely a mini-Debbie. My birthday wish for you would be for your family to feel the breeze from your flapping angel wings, whispering sounds of your voice and just a giggle of the essence of you. Once again, Happy Birthday Sweet baby girl.