Justice for Vicki Lynne – Part 1

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Vicki Lynne 1984

Vicki Lynne 1984

Yesterday, we sat through the first of three possible days of hearings while we fight for Justice for Vicki… And although some of the information presented was somewhat disturbing at times, I truly feel that it was a good day for us.

In a nutshell, the defense needs to prove that Frank Atwood suffered for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) at the time that he murdered my sister, Vicki Lynne. (Please note, we are not in court arguing his guilt in this crime, that has already been proven and upheld.)

A few points from yesterday:

1. I feel that the defense was clearly unable to make the argument of PTSD  based on the testimony given by both doctors that were called to give their professional opinions in this regard. There was no indication that Atwood suffered “trauma” in the “thousands” of pages of his mental health records or documents provided by the department of corrections, and even though PTSD may not have been an established diagnose in the 1970s, there would have been written documentation of “trauma” had Atwood truly suffered at that given point and time.

2. The defendant, on his own admission, has threatened people, including Correctional Officiers & their families, that he would kill them and “hide the bodies like the others”. He has not only been a target of violence in prison due to his numerous crimes against children, but he also continues to instigate it.

3. Although a diagnose of PTSD was not clearly made by the defense, it is the opinion that the defendant suffers from social anxiety disorders, pedophilia, is a psychopath. He continues, to display these behaviors today even in incarceration. It was also stated that Atwood is not fit to live in society.

4. The defense did NOT recall their expert witness after the State presented their medical testimony.

5. The defense continualy brought up the defendants own sexual abuse at age 14, however, there was also testimony to the fact that the defendant was under psychological care with his mother as early as 6 years of age. And, although it was not discussed in court, it has been said that at age 11, Atwood was sent off to military school after he attempted to kill his own mother. He has a long history of abuse and violence.

6. The defendant, in numerous written records, does admit to the fact that he never felt that he was “molested” and feels that “sexual acts between adults & children should be legal”.

7. That as late as 1995, Frank Atwood tried to “sponsor” a child from prison and had requested pictures of that child.

I feel that all of this information was very helpful in arguing the fact that Atwood was in full control of his actions when he was molesting children, and when he murdered my sister.

I will keep you updated here daily as we continue to attend the proceedings, but you can also follow live updates at www.kvoa.com as Kristi Tedesco & Samantha Ptashkin report from the court. We appreciate the outpour of love and support we continue to receive from our family, friends, and our community. Thank you all for not forgetting Vicki Lynne.


  1. Lindsey Showman says:

    My thoughts are with you guys as you go through all of this. Atwood doesn’t deserve anything he’s asking for.

  2. V. Casner says:

    I went to Homer Davis with Vicki and lived down the street from your family when this tragedy happened – you have my utmost respect for continuing her fight. I will pray every day that justice is finally served. Keep up the good fight!

  3. Susan Gallagher says:

    I just watched FBI Files story of Vicki’s abduction and murder and this brutal crime taking away a sweet, 8-year-old girl really struck a chord with me. I so admire Vicki’s mother, Debbie Carlson for her courage and dignity. In all of the interviews in the FBI Files story, Debbie remained calm and her strength and resolve were palpable. That Mrs. Carlson went on to work as a victims’ rights activist is extraordinary. I’m so proud that she worked hard to establish a victims’ advocacy group called “We the People.” She pushed onward and worked for the passage of Arizona’s Victims’ Bill of Rights, which was passed in 1990. Vicki’s sister also works to keep the monster who stole Vicki from her family on death row. I refuse to mention the monster’s name. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know.

    • Thank you so much Susan!

      My mom is a very amazing lady, and worked selflessly for years to protect and change laws in the State of Arizona and nationally. I come by her passion naturally to carry on the torch and fight for justice for my sissy. We will never know how many lives have been saved because of the efforts of my mom and so many others who have fought so hard to protect our children.

      All my love,

  4. I used to work as a victim advocate at the Arizona Department of Corrections. I continue as the victim advocate on the Laura Webster case, another horrific crime out of Tucson. One of her killers has been on Death Row since 1983. It disgusts me that killers like Atwood have yet to be put to death and that they (at tax payer expense) receive college degrees while behind bars. It’s not as if he will ever get out, find employment and live a productive life. I admire the strength of you and your family and your continued fight for justice.

  5. SteveinAZ says:

    To Greta:

    In late February, or early March, 1980, I saw a beautiful brunette sitting on a bench next to the Speech & Communications building at the U of A. She was reading a book. It took my friends forever to drag me away, while I was staring at her. She never saw me, or looked up and I never spotted her again (trust me; I was looking).

    Six months later on September 18, 1980, I had a terrible premonition and agonized over what to do. I knew something terrible was going to happen, but didn’t know what. I eventually gave up trying to decide what if anything to do. It was emotionally exhausting.

    The following Monday, on September 22, 1980, the Arizona Daily Wildcat had a special insert reporting the murder of a U of A student. It included a picture of that beautiful brunette. I also reported her name — Laura Lynn Webster. The insert was apparently lost and it was not photographed and is not in the microfilm archive, but I have her picture that I cut out and kept from that day’s edition of the Wildcat. Yes, I need to write a book. That premonition was just the beginning…..

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