Kindergarten Graduation

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Mackenzie was officially promoted to 1st grade today…sniff, sniff, sniff…

Her teacher had a small graduation celebration in her classroom this afternoon. It started with the playing of “Pomp & Circumstance” and as the kids started to file in to the classroom with their little caps on I had a lump in my throat the size of an apple. Their program was sweet & adorable as they sang to us the “Kindergarten Class” and the “Special Family Song”.  I think back to the first day of school, and how they all have grown so much since then.

Kindergarten Graduation

Kindergarten Graduation

Madison made Mackenzie a bouquet of paper flowers and presented them to her following the program, a kind and loving gesture by big sis!

Both Mackenzie’s teacher, Mrs. Brandeberry, and student teacher, Ms. Hazen, have praised her more than once throughout the year. To hear again today how much they enjoyed Mackenzie melted my heart and makes me proud to know that I have such a kind hearted, smart, and friendly little girl.

It has been an incredibly sentimental week as I have tried to prepare myself for the kindergarten graduation celebration, and that tomorrow will be Madison’s last day at Edgerton Elementary… Middle School… WOW! I can’t even wrap my brain around that yet… sniff, sniff, sniff…

At this point, all I think I can do is continue to be incredibly PROUD of the two beautiful and amazing young girls who bless my life everyday!