Proud to be a “Bruiser”

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Mother’s Day Weekend, Kalispell hosted a mid-season softball tournament, welcoming teams in the 12U Division from Polson, Columbia Falls and Canada.

We were lucky! The weather was AWESOME! And so were the girls that came to play!

Our “Bruisers” started Friday night off with a win, and knowing the challenges we faced on Saturday would be tough. We were back on the fields by 7:42 am Saturday (thanks Coach Brad for the extra 12 minutes of sleep some of us got!) to meet up with a seasoned team from Polson, MT.

The next two competitors were fierce and tested the “Bruisers”. It’s rumored that one pitcher our team was facing was throwing balls anywhere from 60 to 70 mph, depending on who you were talking to. As each girl stepped into the batters box, I knew the feelings they were experiencing. When I was about the same age, I played against, Edith, the fastest, toughest pitcher in the city of Tucson. Trying to find the courage to swing the bat when Edith was in the circle was a challenge for me. She taught me a lot the years I played with her, something I hope our girls took away from this past weekend.

The bonds and lessons the “Bruisers” had from there will be with them forever. It was a lot of hard work. I know they learned a lot about the sport, the ups and downs as a team, the love for the game, and how much their coaches and parents believe in them!  All our players came into the weekend ready to play, and left with some great experience!

A special WOOT! WOOT! to Kali, who lead our team in the “circle” and pitched every game. You are one amazing young woman and you taught me about endurance and determination! I’m very proud of you and I will be glad to watch you pitch in snow, rain or shine any day any time! Keep up the hard work!

A few highlights… Caitlin’s determination with Kali, stopping the balls and staying behind the plate every pitch… Sophie’s amazing dive catch in the infield and home steal! Ashlynn’s outfield catch and cheer that made us all scream along… Hallie’s HoMe-RuN (I KNOW there will be a few more of those hits out of our girls before the season is over!)… our defense had some great double plays and our girls made some amazing progress batting. Hannah, Cortlynn, Suzanne, Makenna and Ty’s “wheels” … they are all  fast, fearless and base running machines! These girls aren’t afraid to steal! Lauren and Mady were timid in the batters box going into Friday but left the games bunting and swinging away!! Very proud!!!  Our girls cheered each other on from the dugout and on the field just as much when the chips were down as they were when things were perfect! I loved the positive attitude that came from our team, it wasn’t’ the same in every dugout! They knew they depended on and respected each other, and it showed!!!

Bruiser's 2013

Bruiser’s 2013

A shout out to our “fans” who moved in on the right & left field lines, cheered the team, encouraging the girls inning after inning!!!! They couldn’t have done it without you all!!!!

And, one last BIG shout out to our coaches Brad, Bruce, Mike, Justin & Patrick. I know as a parent, I feel incredibly blessed to have Madison playing on a team with not only a great group of girls, but with all of you. Your time, positive encouragement and teaching is something that I wish every girl playing could experience! Thank you!!!!

Our team grew and really had an amazing weekend!!!! We placed 4th in the tournament, the last Kalispell team standing! WAY TO GO BRUISERS! I hope that you are as proud of yourselves as your “fans” are!!!

"Bruiser's" May 2013

“Bruiser’s” May 2013


  1. Stephanie says

    What a great positive reflection on the weekend. Thanks for the kind words written and shared directly with Kali. It means a lot to have such encouraging supporters! Your words brought a tear and made me thankful for all the wonderful people and experiences we are sharing with our children in this wonderful and sometimes crazy journey. I look forward to seeing your smiling face at the fields. Go Bruisers!

    • Thank you Stephanie! It was a great weekend, and I, too, feel so blessed and grateful to share this crazy journey surrounded by amazing people! See you tomorrow!!! ~Steph

  2. Wow what an awesome way with words you have! I relived the weekend all over again! It Was a fun weekend ! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!!! See u at the fields! Jan L

    • Thanks so much Jan! I appreciate your compliment and the amazing friendships that we are making along with our girls! See you at the fields! Steph

  3. Thank you so much!!! I also feel BLESSED to be surrounded by such amazing girls and families!! Thanks again! You are a very gifted writer!!

    • Jill, Thank you for your friendship, your prayers and support! We are all very blessed!!! ~Steph