September 17th

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Always a day of reflection …from my cousin, Michelle’s blog two years ago.

Michelle and her brother, Sheldon, were close in age with Vicki & I, our mom’s have always been the best of friends. There are many treasured photos with the four of us together outside of church, on holidays or just goofing off together, the one she shares in her blog from September 2010 is one that I had not seen until that day.

Another memory, another story of Vicki.

I have revisited her blog from two years ago many times. On occasion to be reminded of another captured moment in Vicki’s life that I discovered so many years after her death, but also to remember how her life and death impacted Michelle. And how it continues to mold the path that Michelle lives with her family.

With Michelle’s permission I am reposting her blog from September 2010 today for you to read. A beautiful and honest reflection of how this day changed her…


  1. Thank you, Stephanie. I am touched that you wanted to publish this. Love you today of all days and always.

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