Springing into Softball Season

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Spring has sprung its way into Northwestern Montana with a beautiful Easter weekend, a sunny spring break, followed by a blizzard last Sunday night! People say when you live in the Rockies, you have to be prepared for all four seasons to show up on any given day, and most seasons can show up numerous times in one day.

After a busy winter schedule, followed by basketball season, we are making our way into softball. This will be the first year both girls will play. It hit a sentimental note in my heart tonight, as I thought back to the many years I spent on the field. It was a funny little drive I took down memory lane today…thinking about the friends I still have after meeting on the field and wondering if the girls will have “nicknames” like we did?  Will they be fast? Have a long stretch to play first base? Be great hitters? Or will they hate it?

Although I hope that Madison & Mackenzie have the same passion and love for the sport I once did, I hope that they have a fun season, make lasting friendships and it doesn’t snow! First games are on Saturday… we will keep you posted!

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