The Death Penalty

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This subject is as touchy as talking politics & religion. Everyone has an opinion about it, and I have mine. I don’t expect that everyone who reads this is going to agree with my views, and I respect those who will disagree with me.

I should warn you that this is not something that I want to debate here, I am open for “real” conversations if you seriously want to adventure there with me. 

Many of you who are reading this know my story, and you have walked this long journey with my family & I. For those who don’t, should know that when I was 11, my 8 year old sister, Vicki Lynne Hoskinson, was riding her bike in broad daylight when she was kidnapped, raped and brutally murdered by a disgusting monster who was on parole from California and lurking the streets of our little community in Tucson, AZ. Frank Atwood, a previously convicted pedophile who had been molesting children from an early age, sits on death row for his crime, he’s been there since 1987.  Vicki was murdered September 17, 1984.

Vicki, just 18 days before she was murdered in 1984, age 8

YES, I support the Death Penalty. I feel that it should remain on the books as an OPTION in heinous crimes, especially those committed against children.

So why this blog today? Last week a judge ruled that “Montana must change the way it executes prisoners after ruling that the current method is unconstitutional; giving a victory to death penalty foes that could be short lived.”  (The Daily Interlake) This affects the two inmates who sit on Death Row in Montana. The ACLU has already stated that it will push for legislative change in this matter, they have been trying hard to abolish the death penalty in Montana for many years. The Death Penalty is an OPTION and I will continue to personally fight to keep this law on the books.

Then there was this flyer that I came across for a fundraiser to be held later this month in Tucson, AZ.


The MUDERER’S drawing was on their flyer,

I won’t publish it on MY blog

a view from death row

Drawings by Danny Jones

September 29, 2012 Noon to 4pm

Pima Friends Meeting House
931 North 5th Avenue Tucson, AZ 85705

speakers including Danny Jones (via telephone) (FROM DEATH ROW)

Nancy and George Mairs
Joe Taylor (Pima Friends Meeting)

Gene Hall (curator)

Music and Refreshments Provided by
Pima Meeting Peace and Social Concerns Committee Donations accepted on behalf of
the Coalition of Arizonans to Abolish the Death Penalty

Do I have a problem with the fact the Coalition of Arizonans to Abolish the Death Penalty is raising money for the their cause? NO. Do I have an issue with the fact that another monster sitting on death row with Frank Atwood will actually be a “guest speaker”?  YOU BET I DO. It is utterly and completely ridiculous and it makes my blood boil.  Danny Jones, the man who murdered three innocent people, Robert, Katherine & Tisha in 1992, will have his drawings displayed and speak to help this organization raise money.

This is as absurd as the fact that while Frank Atwood has sat on death row he has earned college degrees and wrote books. It is DEATH ROW people! When did it start that OUR tax payers dollars went to the higher education of death row inmates?  Where does it stop? I wonder how many members of the Coalition are victims of heinous crimes whose perpetrators are sitting on Death Row? Or why, they feel that it is important now to define the talents of a monster who thoughtfully took lives of innocent people rather than spending their time and efforts on helping children, educating the poor, building houses for the homeless, or feeding the hungry?

I could go on for days … literally. For now, I’ll stop and hope that for at least this moment I have raised some questions in your minds. I know I am starting to question what I can do to stop death row inmates higher education and “guest speaking” engagements.



  1. frie the bastards

  2. Dennis Vancil says

    I agree with you 100%. These hypocrites that demand their right to kill unborn babies but will fight endlessly to keep child murdering scum alive at the tax payers expense disgust me. What purpose will scum like this ever serve in society? They get a better life in prison than they’d ever have on their own and it’s completely funded by the families of their victims. The ACLU also qualifies as scum in my book.

  3. kimberly albrecht says

    I, believe in killing the people who have taken the lives of and who have scared the lives of, think that it is unfathomable to comprehend that these non-human parosites get the opportunity to earn any type of education while awaiting their fate. They are not productive members of society and do not have the right to earn any education that could potentionally lead to their sickening idescretions should they ever be released due to some loop hole in this failing system. The pedophille who stole the life of Vicky Lynn so many years ago should not even be allowed to be killed in such a gentle way and believe an eye for eye or greater should be justice for so many of these pigs. If the sentences were harsher and equal across the world, many less horrible crimes would most likely occur. I am outraged for the all victims and their loved ones who have to deal with this and hope that one day justice will prevail. But it wont happen in many peoples lifetimes, if at all!!

  4. Jessica Lasa says

    Thank you so much for this information. It is always a thought in my mind how absurd it is that more money is being spent on prisoners than a child or teacher in our public school system but it truly is too easy to forget how far people really go for these murderers. This entry was beautifully written! Your passion on the matter really came through and sparked within me. If there is anything I can do to help this issue please let me know.

  5. Beautifully written article, Stef, and I fully support your position. My question is: Why has this person been allowed 28 more years of life than Vicki Lynn? What has happened to our judicial system that appeals and court appearances can be continued so long after conviction that a convict, subject to the death penalty, can expect to live so long (albiet in prison) after taking the life of his or her victum?

  6. I also agree with you. My brother had you in one of his classes in jr. high. I remember your sister’s case very well. She was the one I thought of when I too became a homicde survivor. My mother was murdered at Eegee’s in March of 2000, Robyn Hay. The P@#&k who killed her,Jason Doty, Stood trial for two other murders. But when it came time for my mothers trial the judge dismissed the case and threw out our evidence. My mother’s case was the only one of the three that would have brought the death penalty. He was sentenced to two LIFE sentences for the other two murders. But never faced trial for my mother. He has since died from cancer in prison. But the feeling of how injust that all was rots in my stomach. His death in that way was not justice for my mother. I wanted him to stand trial first. And yes I wanted him to get death. I guess the Lord couldn’t watch him get away with it either. I feel for you and your family everyday. I remember Vicki. AND I BELIEVE IN THE DEATH PENALTY.

    • Thank you all for your love and support! We would never have gotten to where we are now without the continued circle of friends and prayers. We will continue to you keep you updated on our journey… Lots of love~Steph

  7. Stephanie, you know that what happened to Vicki back then also had affected me deeply since we were the best of friends mostly but also because she was abducted from my next door neighbors front yard….and I have never forgotten her or the loss your family had to endure. You have every right to feel this way, and I also agree that these monsters should not have the chance in life to do or acheive anything since they robbed that very same thing from their innocent victims. Therefore they should be stripped of any opportunities that allow them to be amongst the rest of the living world like earning degrees, writing books, displaying their artwork to raise money. They should be recognized for nothing but the heinous crimes they committed and reminded of them every single day they remain alive instead of being able to do things that takes their minds off of what they really did.
    I also feel that the term “Rotting in Prison” should mean just that. They should be given nothing, not water, not food, not any form of contact with another human living thing. They should be stripped completely bare naked and then placed inside an empty cell,(no toilet, bed,etc) nothing but 4 walls surrounding them and then just left there to suffer from hunger, thirst, lonliness and the confines within their own minds until eventually they die and rot away.
    For me, they should in some way suffer and feel what they made their victims feel.
    How is being sentenced to life in prison a form of punishment anyways? It seems more like being spoiled if anything. Free meals, rent-free shelter, no responsibility, don’t have to work, everyday feels like its saturday.
    Death by Lethal Injection? That’s just a quick easy way of an all expenses paid, guilt-free vacation of Eternal Rest & Relaxtion . How is that suffering?
    So to the people, groups & organizations that support people like Frank Atwood or Danny Jones and feel that they are people too & deserve to be treated fairly……Your absolutely right, they are people just like you, which also means that you are monsters just like them.


  8. patricia pickett says

    I remember well tht time when all of Tucson prayed for the safe return of vicky lynn. my family lived in the same neighborhood at an earlier time. we were in circle track racing as your family wasWe have 5 girls in our family. I was and still am heartbroken for you and your family. I believe this person should have been put to death in short order. He should never be allowed freedom again.

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