The Writ of Habeas Corpus

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Vicki Lynne had a victory today that we all can celebrate for her. The US District Court denied Atwood’s appeal in his Writ of Habeas. 

Vicki, age 4, she was a comedian! Happy & full of life!

Atwood has until October 1st to make his next filing on what they call the Martinez vs. Ryan claim which he can say he had “ineffective counsel” at the Federal level. According to court documents all filings and responses are to be done by November 1 and any requests to continue are disfavored.

Again, we have forward motion and can feel a little justice in this crazy roller coaster that we have experienced the last 28 years. It is hard to explain the emotions that go on as we continue down this long and dusty road. Today I am happy to know that maybe, just maybe there may be a light at the end of the tunnel… and  her story continues…


  1. Kelly Cutbirth says

    What more can you say but, Thank God!
    Just being a classmate I know the affect this has had on my own life, I can not even begin to imagine the affect it has had on all of you. You are all truly AMAZING.


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