Vicki Lynne’s Tree

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Vicki Lynne’s schoolmates plant tree for her

It’ll blossom yellow for the missing girl

Headline from the Tucson Citizen, February 8, 1985

It was Arbor Day 1985 and the day that we planted a tree in hope for Vicki’s safe return in the courtyard of Homer Davis Elementary School where Vicki was in the 3d grade. Along with the tree, a time capsule was buried full of poems, pictures and letters to Vicki from her family, teachers, friends and classmates.

Today it is a beautiful bloom of yellow that continues to give us life.

Vicki Lynne's Tree planted at Homer Davis Elementary School Arbor Day, 1985

Vicki Lynne’s Tree planted at Homer Davis Elementary School Arbor Day, 1985

Last October (2013) longtime friend, Judi Spencer, approached our family with an idea from her son, Travis. He wanted to make a plaque to mark the tree, and help future generations understand the significance of the Palo Verde tree standing so tall today.

Judi and her two children, Travis & Jennifer’s friendship weaves a special place in our hearts and lives.  Jennifer was Vicki’s best friend, and the last person to see her alive before she was taken from us in September of 1984. They have walked this incredibly tough journey with us all these years andTravis’ desire to make this plaque makes it all the more touching.

Vicki’s Lynne’s Tree now has a beautiful plaque made with love and the story will hang in the office of Homer Davis Elementary School for all those to read.

Plaque for Vicki Lynne's Tree made by Travis Spencer, 2014

Plaque for Vicki Lynne’s Tree made by Travis Spencer, 2014


  1. Stephanie Turcotte says

    This is beautiful. <3

  2. Patty Fraser says

    I will never forget Vicki Lynne – I had just moved to Tucson the month she was abducted. The entire town banded together to search, then when she was found, the entire town grieved. It was heartbreaking, I will never forget all the bumper stickers & her cute smiling face.
    She is in Heaven & all of her family & friends will be with Vicki Lynne again someday 🙂

    Patty Fraser – Florida

    • Patty,

      Thank you for taking the time to share! It is humbling to know how people remember and have grieved with us. Vicki’s story is so incredibly special, and we will continue to share in our journey!

      All my love,

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