Wondering about Frankie’s Return Policy?

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Many times in the recent weeks I have questioned my sanity, and wondered what we were thinking when we allowed “Frankie” to bring us TWO kittens for Christmas. I  have even joked with Madison and Mackenzie about returning Samuel & Snow Socks to the North Pole, don’t Santa’s elves have a return policy?

The christmas tree made it through the holidays without being tipped over, however, I must disclose it would have taken a big force to knock it out of the heavy metal stand it was placed in. Many of the ornaments were knocked off the tree as Samuel found himself climbing to the top on numerous occasions.

Snow Socks & Samuel “chatter”, it’s funny to hear their voices, which is different than their purring. I think they are talking back to me sometimes when I am telling them to get off the table or getting them out of the plants.

I am surprised out how much these two little kittens eat… I think Flomar, our 65 pound Labrador, may actually eat less.  We won’t even discuss the litter box. I seriously need to watch Meet the Parents to see how Robert De Niro trained his kitty, Mr. Jinx, to go in the potty and flush the toilet!

Speaking of flushing, Snow Socks is fascinated by the toilet and we are having to enforce a strict lid down policy in the house! Not to mention, we can’t put the toilet paper on the roll in the downstairs bathroom as they unravel it any chance they get.

Wonder where the water goes?

Wonder where the water goes?

And the chewing! They chew EVERYTHING! We must have been lucky when we got Flomar, he was never destructive when it came to things in the house, nor does he get in the trash. He will destroy a newly purchased dog bed or “undesctructable” dog toy in no time, but he has always left our personal items alone. Samuel and Snow Socks are a completely different story!

They can fling dirt out of a potted plant further than an NFL kicker punting a field goal and there isn’t a safe spot in the house. They climb and jump in places I never imagined they would.

And, they are FAST. They race around the house as if it is the final laps of the Daytona 500… 2 wide, side by side! Just a warning, if you happen to stop by during “race time” you are considered a moving target and may find a cat clinging from your pants or shirt!

Here they sleep so quiet and peaceful, and I can’t help but think that Snow Sock’s black tipped nose is just kissable and how sweet it is that they are so snuggly?


Snuggly sweet

Snuggly sweet

All joking aside, I couldn’t imagine our lives without them. There is not much that happens in the house that Samuel, Snow Socks & Flomar aren’t right at our feet. The girls play with them for hours and it is amusing to listen to the conversations they have with our four legged friends. They are a lot of company, and when they snuggle up to sleep by us it brings us all a lot of joy and comfort. And there is nothing about that that I would ever want to change.





  1. Loved That! Totally felt where u were coming from there. They bring such a special energy. How Fun! I think Frankie did good!

    • Thanks Krista! And, I agree, Frankie did great! They bring so much entertainment and joy… in fact they are both “overseeing” my work right now!