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Saying good-bye to our four legged friends…

It has been a tough few days… well, few weeks in our home.

Just over two weeks ago Madison’s kitty, Hermione, went off on an adventure and hasn’t been home. We have contacted the shelters, posted signs in the neighborhood and on-line, we continue to call for her from the back door.

Our hopes are dwindling that she will return home but we continue to pray she will.

On Friday, we had to make the very difficult decision to put down our oldest cat, Camber. It was an extremely sad and painful day.

Reflecting back through the last few days, I continue to gain perspective on how much our animals mean to us.

Camber, undated photo from 1997.

Camber came into our life in 1997. It was one of those times that I was begging for a companion to keep, Stagger, our first kitten friend, company, and Scott wasn’t exactly hot on the idea. We were living in a small one bedroom apartment and barely had room for us let alone a cat… or two! I do have to admit that I may have allowed Scott to become somewhat intoxicated before I begged him again, I’m sure promising the moon or race cars or whatever it was to coax him into letting me bringing a kitten home. When he came home the next evening Camber was there.  Bald, buggy eyed and tiny. “That is not a CAT! That is a rat!” Were the words that flew from Scott’s mouth.

She was part of a rescue  and I was told that the kittens would be put down if they weren’t taken in. She fit in the palm of my hand, and yes, she was bald and bug eyed. With some time and love she grew into a very distinct and awesome friend.  I want to say she loved me most for rescuing her, but again, I have to be honest, it was Scott she loved so dearly. She was always at his feet, talking or sleeping close to him.

Several years later, Scott came home early from a family trip to Arizona and found Camber near death. He, with the help of Dr. Edgren, saved Camber’s life. Scott was relentless about his care to her and again nurturing this incredible bond the two of them had. She lived a very happy and content life in our home for years to follow.

Camber’s health declined rapidly in the last weeks. We tried everything we could to love her and keep her comfortable… hoping she would rally like she did so many years ago. And, in reality, she did. There were several days she perked up, ate happily and meowed like she always did.

Thursday night she made her way into bed with the girls at bedtime. I was so excited to see her crawl into bed with the girls, purr-ing and talking to them as they went to bed. They were so surprised and happy! It wasn’t long before I realized she was saying goodbye… I do not know of a time she would ever crawl into bed with them and go to sleep. I am so thankful for all of us that she gave Madison & Mackenzie that gift.

If Camber could talk, I’m sure she would tell us she was happiest when it was quiet, when there were not little “children” playing with her and that she loved us very much… all of us.

Saying Good-bye to our four legged friends isn’t easy, but then again, I can not imagine going through life without them.