The Road to Execution

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It seems surreal to say that we are actually truly on the road to execution.

In the first two decades after the murder of my sister, Vicki Lynne, I believed this day would come. In the third decade, I lost hope and I know I am not alone in that feeling of desperation and disappointment that our court system failed her, failed us and failed her community time and time again.

Vicki Lynne 1984

Today the Attorney General’s Office filed a Motion to Set Briefing Schedule for Motion for Warrant of Execution. In layman’s terms, they are asking the Arizona Supreme Court to set a schedule to lay out a timeline for execution.  Specifically, because the State (and the rest of the normal thinking world) knows that the defense is notorious for its frivolous filings and using every angle they can to delay the due process.

The motion specifically outlines that the defense has been previously notified of the State’s intent to move forward with executions, that the drug to carry out the executions by lethal injection is secured by the state but has a 90-day shelf life. With a schedule laid out, it allows all parties involved in this process to have a clear expectation of the timeline for their part to act accordingly within those guidelines.

The brief is also asking to add the current pending petition that the defense has before the court to this motion.

It is important to remember that Atwood’s first post-conviction proceeding and habeas appellate review has been exhausted. All filings now have revolved around technicalities, not lack of guilt.

As survivors of this heinous crime, we have a renewed sense of hope that punishment will be carried out as the law allows. The execution of Atwood will never bring Vicki back, we know that. But what it will do is stop the roller coaster of living hell we face every day while he breathes on this earth.

We hope that the Arizona Supreme Court will take into account the length of time and due process that has been exhausted and move swiftly in every aspect of this. Once the court makes a decision on this motion, we will have a better idea of a timeline. If we could be cautiously optimistic, we would love to see this wrapped up in 90-120 days.

The link to the press release issued today by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office can be read here:

We ask you wrap us in your love and prayers as we walk this final path to see justice served and close this chapter of Vicki’s story. Love NEVER Forgets.