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“Frankie’s” Early Christmas Surprise!!!

Frankie is our “Elf on the Shelf”. He blessed our family a few years ago. He shows up on Thanksgiving Day as Santa makes his debut at the Macy’s Day Parade. The kids love the time he spends in our home and anxiously await his Thanksgiving arrival.

In October we lost two of our beloved pets. We had to make a tough decision to put our longtime kitty friend, Camber, to sleep at the same time dealing with Hermonie, Madison’s cat’s, disappearance.

The heartache and tears that followed were at times unbearable for our children (and us!), but with the joy of having pets, we also realize that we have to deal with losing them. The girls had talked about asking Santa to bring them new kitties and had been frequently discussing it with “Frankie”.

On Tuesday morning we woke up and there was a note from Santa explaining that “Frankie” had been asked to stay at the North Pole to help in Santa’s workshop. The girls were a bit concerned with his need to stay at the North Pole, this had never happened before!

We went to school on Tuesday, and when we returned home “Frankie” was back hiding in the Christmas tree just above a crate that had a big red bow and two cute little kitten’s inside. There was also a note from Santa explaining that the kitten’s were ready to come home, and because Madison & Mackenzie had earned their spots on “Santa’s Good List” he allowed them to come early.

The tears, screams of joy and mile wide smiles are something that warmed my heart in a way I can not explain!!!

Madison named her kitten “Samuel” from one of her favorite Bella Sara horse’s meaning “Have confidence to do what is right no matter how hard it seems.”

What? I’m not supposed to climb this tree?

Mackenzie named her kitten “Snow Socks” because his feet are white like he just stepped out of the snow.

But the kitchen table is such a nice place to stretch….

That night, as Madison & Mackenzie snuggled into bed with their two new kittens, they said that it was the “Best Christmas EVER!”

As Scott & I tucked into bed Tuesday evening, we discussed the magic of Santa Claus and the true love of the Christmas.

This will be one Christmas that will be remembered forever. And, it would not have been made possible without the help of Santa’s “elves”.  You know who you are, and we are eternally grateful for you!!!!

P.S. We are taking bets now, will the Christmas tree be standing up on Christmas Day? How many ornaments will be off, broken or batted across the floor?