The Last Few Miles …

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Today we received word from the Attorney Generals Office that an order was issued by the Arizona Supreme Court denying the defendant an Evidentiary Hearing on the drug used for execution.  A link to the order is attached below.

They gave further clarity in the order how the protocol will commence to execution with no later than dates. We have verified from the Attorney General’s Office this afternoon that we could have an execution by September 28, 2021. The judge also indicated they would deny requests for continuances!

Vicki Lynne 1984

To help understand the process, here are the steps:

  1.  July 21, 2021, the AG sends request for execution warrant to AZ Supreme Court.(The drug is then compounded.)
  2. August 4th, Defense must have reply in.
  3. August 11th, the AG replies to defense.
  4. August 24th, conference hearing with AZ Supreme Courts, execution date is then set 35 days out. (September 28, 2021)
  5. One week before execution a one day clemency hearing is completed. (His last ditch effort for a stay)

Hallelujah! Once the warrant is issued the clock starts ticking. Tic Toc Frank, Hell is waiting for you! You will have gotten 37 additional years of life and Vicki got none. We can’t thank everyone enough for all your love, continued prayers, support and friendships throughout all these 37+ years.

May God Bless you and always keep you in his loving care, Debbie & George Carlson, Parents of Vicki Lynne