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3D+ Mascara and more!!!!

July 1, Younique made some UH-MAZING announcements!!! It was so exciting we actually broke the internet for some time… ok, well, maybe not the whole internet but it took about an hour for the video conference to take place because there were SO MANY excited ladies waiting to hear the Epic announcement, we broke something!!! HAHA!

Honestly, I LOVE our 3D Fiber Lash Mascara!!! I have wanted fake lashes for a long time but just couldn’t justify the time and expense, then I found the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara… and I signed up to sell it and the rest is history! Sooooo, on the 1st when Younique’s co-founder, Melanie Huscroft, announced they were rolling out an enhanced 3D+ I about fell out of my seat!!! How could they begin to improve on this amazing product????? Well… they have, and I’m stalking my post lady like crazy waiting for her to bring me my first one!! (I will probably need to do something nice for her… maybe she likes mascara too… )

new 3d plusThe new enhanced 3D+ will be available to the public July 15th BUT it you sign as a Presenter right now! Today! Ok, and maybe tomorrow too… well, probably for a few weeks you get not ONE BUT TWO 3D+ Mascaras in your presenters kit!!!! I swear I was jumping up and down screaming at my computer as Melanie was announcing it on our webinar!!!! Serious!!! Oh, and I will add that for a limited time with the TWO 3D+ Mascaras, they are offering FREE shipping on this purchase!!! Your own little mascara empire for $99!!! This may sound crazy, but MY mascara empire is taking Scott & I on an all expense paid cruise to Jamaica in October!!!!

There are so many things that I want to say about this company and my journey, (I promise you will hear more in blogs to come) but this company has been one of the most amazing leaps of faith I have ever ever taken. It has brought a fire and joy to my heart that I never knew was there… I brag that Younique’s missions statement is to UPLIFT, EMPOWER & VALIDATE women and this journey is far more than amazing mascara, all natural skin care products or incredible cosmetics, it’s also about sisterhood and success!!!

I promise to share my own pictures as soon as my sweet, awesome, mail lady brings me my very first 3D+ mascara!!! Until next time… here’s a quick little video on our “fiber lash effect” .. Younique Movement