Victory for Vicki

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On September 13, 2017, our family was notified by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal had denied Atwood’s Writ of Habeas Corpus. 

The defense had a small window of time to appeal this ruling back to the court. 

On November 3, 2017 they filed a motion for a Panel Rehearing or Rehearing en banc before the 9th Circuit, meaning they were asking to have another chance to plead their case in court in front of a panel of 11 judges. 

The State of Arizona filed their response to this motion on December 5, 2017.

Today, January 11, 2018, our family was informed that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals denied the motion for Rehearing en banc.

Denied. Home Stretch.

After almost 20 years since the Writ of Habeas Corpus was filed (March of 1998), we are truly on the home stretch. This case has moved at such a glacial pace for so long it’s reassuring the momentum it has gained.

So, what does all of this mean?

In layman’s terms, the defense has 90 days, with one extension of 60 days, to appeal this to the United States Supreme Court. 

150 days.

And, the United States Supreme Court can do one of two things.

  • Grant Oral Arguments in the case
  • Deny the petition 

IF the Supreme Court grants oral arguments, the court would hear arguments and rule by June 2019. 

IF and When they deny the claims presented, a Writ of Execution will be issued. 

Yes, I am going out on a limb and wagering that they will NOT hear Oral Arguments in this matter and a Writ of Execution will be ordered. 

I could give you a list till next Tuesday of the reasons why the court won’t hear this case, but the reality of the claims left to argue in an almost 34 year old case, presented to them already in two other instances with the miles of paperwork, rulings and hearings that have already taken place, I just can not imagine our nations highest court taking this on. 

As the last chapter writes itself, I hope that you know how very much our family appreciates your love and support. Who would have ever imagined a beautiful little 8 year old, blue eyed girl, who loved riding her bike, playing softball & watching her Papas race cars, would impact the hearts of so many? We are Vicki’s voice. Our strength continues to grow with her memory and with you.

Love Never Forgets. 


  1. Bennye brady garcia says

    I remember her birthday party since I put a beautiful child she was and what a loving family I pray everyday that this will soon be over I love the trimmer family Vicki Lynn has such a support system Gone Too Soon

  2. Marie T Montgomery says

    Praise the Lord

  3. Great news , love from Arkansas

  4. I’m so glad to see that Vickie Lynn will finally receive her victory! It’s been a very long time coming.

  5. Why was this vermin not executed long ago?
    My heart goes out to your family for enduring this for so long. It is cruel to you all that this vermin has more rights than Vicki had. He has been sucking the air out of this world for too long.
    Vicki had the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. She had a beautiful and pure heart and soul and was taken away from a loving family by someone who had done this in the past but was still allowed to be a free “vermin” so he could go out and do it again. I blame the justice system for what happened to Vicki and I am so sorry that the family has become victims, in a sense, of this injustice. Vicki is a victim of this injustice. When will it stop? I will celebrate the day that this vermin is executed if ever he is.

  6. Jacqueline Russell says

    The story on Forensic Files about Vicki Lynne is on once more. Every single time I watch it, I wonder what happened to your mom Stephanie and what kind of life you have managed to have since this tragedy. I have never lost a child, but I did lose my DH, not to murder, but to death by a neglectful ER Doctor. I have prayed that you were somehow able to have a life and of course, it would have to include the wonderful memories of Vicki Lynne. Please accept my condolences and I hope and pray that the monstrous snake that took Vicki Lynne from your family. Let’s hope this monster(I won’t even type his name, I can’t) is put to death soon. ((((HUGS to your family!

  7. Dear Family,

    My heart is so grieved for every single one of you. My soul is heavy just reading about your precious girl. I have a 9 year old and I cannot fathom life without her. I pray this system stops tormenting you all and puts this man to death once and for all. I am praying for you.