About Me

I’m a wife and a mom. To say that I am only those two people is not the entire story, but they are the most important.

I love people, I’m fascinated by their stories… I love the smell of rain on a cool mountain morning and the sound of my girls talking, playing & giggling together.

I met my husband, Scott, in the infield of a race track during the winter of 1996. We married in April of 2001. Scott is my rock, truly the center of my universe. We have had many adventures together, from racing cars to raising our family, leaving Arizona to make a home in Montana, our life continues to change and our friendship continues to grow.

We have been blessed with two beautiful girls, Madison Lynne and Mackenzie Dawn. Madison loves horses, and drawing… and horses. Mackenzie loves to do anything Madison is doing, and to make a mess. Both are so different, but amazing as they teach us something everyday!

We have three cats, Caster, Camber & Hermione and one dog, Flomar. Who wants to guess which of the pets were named by the girls? (Hint, I met my husband in the infield of a race track.)

I have contemplated writing a blog for a while. I thought that it would be a great way to keep in touch with family & friends who don’t live close. I’ve started, stopped, thought about, ignored it and am back at start again. I am also trying to write a book, a task that has been in my mind for more than two decades.

I hope that through my blogging and writing that I can not only share my life’s journey’s and all that they encompass but that I can inspire people in one way or another.

And the story continues…….