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Racing, A story of how we met & how it’s still a major part of our life…

People have asked me lately, “What does your husband do?”  “How did you meet him?”  “He does WHAT for a living?” “You like NASCAR racing?”

Yes, I like racing and here’s a little bit more about how it plays a role…

Stock car racing has always been a part of my life. It started as a family affair with my “Papas”, a.k.a. Carl Trimmer, my dad, uncles, and brother, it continued when I met Scott. (

We met in the winter of 1996-1997 during the ESPN2 Winter Heat Late Model Racing Series held at Tucson Raceway Park. After the last race, Scott & I were walking across the infield together back to the “pits”. Scott was the Crew Chief for Marc Groskreutz, who had just finished 2nd behind my “Papas” in the Championship.  As we chatted walking across the track that day, I never thought I would see him again. Little did I know, Scott was later offered a Super Late Model Stock Car “ride” by Patrick’s Motorsport’s and he moved to Tucson the following spring of 1997.

Mutual friends encouraged me to call him, he only knew a few people in Tucson and they thought we would hit it off. After a bit of coaxing, I called and we met up at Hooters for wings and beers… I add this because truly, I never thought it would go anywhere, and anyone serious wouldn’t really go on their first date to Hooters! Would they???

Scott & I 1997

Scott & I 1997

The rest is history, we married in April of 2001. Scott raced Super Late Models & the NASCAR Southwest Tour Series in those years. When we had Madison in June of 2002, we traveled with a Late Model Stock Car to race in Montana’s biggest race of the year, The Montana 200, held at Montana Raceway Park. It had been our third trip up to race in the big event, and Scott came close to winning that year until an electrical fire took us out in the end. It was a long tough trip and in the end we both knew Montana was calling us home.  It was a difficult decision for Scott to leave behind a racing career, and for me to leave my family in Tucson.

Scott Phoenix International Raceway 2001

Scott Phoenix International Raceway 2001

In the years since, Scott has crawled behind the wheel of a Late Model Race car, a handful of times, leaving the drivers seat with a win under his belt in the Canadian-American Shoot-Out at Montana Raceway Park in 2004.

He spent almost 6 years as the Crew Chief for local race car driver, Mark Owens. In their years together, they had 1 Championship, 2 handfuls of wins and numerous fast times.

Racing continues to play a major role in our life, and how lucky Scott is to be able to make a career doing something he is so passionate about.

Scott is currently working with Giles Thornton, an up and coming NASCAR racer who calls Whitefish, MT his home. When we met Giles a few years ago, Scott saw something in him that not a lot of others did and he built him his first Late Model Stock Car.

In the last year, a team has formed behind Giles that I am proud Scott is part of. The Crew Chief, Travis Sharpe, brought his family from the east coast and has helped Giles grow in amazing ways. Travis is incredibly talented, and a strong team leader. Ted, a long time Tucson friend, moved his family to Kalispell this winter and is the team’s Truck Driver & “Do whatever else needs to be done guy!”. He brings many years of racing experience with him, and we are lucky to have him! Roy, a Yakima native, joined the team a few months ago and has a lot of NASCAR K&N Series experience which brings a lot to the team. Scott is the Car Chief, and his primary responsibilities are the engine & shock program, and assist Travis in the car chief departments. All of these men work well together, and I am constantly impressed with what they are accomplishing

Giles Thornton is racing a full schedule of the NASCAR K & N Series, and selected Late Model Shows in Montana, Idaho & Washington.

I know there will be some good racing in the months ahead, and that Giles will be one to watch! Scott was talking with Madison, our oldest daughter, Saturday night as we were watching the NASCAR All Star Shoot Out on T.V. He told her that one day we will be watching Giles in that race, and there is no doubt in my mind that we will!

And the story continues…

Proud to be a “Bruiser”

Mother’s Day Weekend, Kalispell hosted a mid-season softball tournament, welcoming teams in the 12U Division from Polson, Columbia Falls and Canada.

We were lucky! The weather was AWESOME! And so were the girls that came to play!

Our “Bruisers” started Friday night off with a win, and knowing the challenges we faced on Saturday would be tough. We were back on the fields by 7:42 am Saturday (thanks Coach Brad for the extra 12 minutes of sleep some of us got!) to meet up with a seasoned team from Polson, MT.

The next two competitors were fierce and tested the “Bruisers”. It’s rumored that one pitcher our team was facing was throwing balls anywhere from 60 to 70 mph, depending on who you were talking to. As each girl stepped into the batters box, I knew the feelings they were experiencing. When I was about the same age, I played against, Edith, the fastest, toughest pitcher in the city of Tucson. Trying to find the courage to swing the bat when Edith was in the circle was a challenge for me. She taught me a lot the years I played with her, something I hope our girls took away from this past weekend.

The bonds and lessons the “Bruisers” had from there will be with them forever. It was a lot of hard work. I know they learned a lot about the sport, the ups and downs as a team, the love for the game, and how much their coaches and parents believe in them!  All our players came into the weekend ready to play, and left with some great experience!

A special WOOT! WOOT! to Kali, who lead our team in the “circle” and pitched every game. You are one amazing young woman and you taught me about endurance and determination! I’m very proud of you and I will be glad to watch you pitch in snow, rain or shine any day any time! Keep up the hard work!

A few highlights… Caitlin’s determination with Kali, stopping the balls and staying behind the plate every pitch… Sophie’s amazing dive catch in the infield and home steal! Ashlynn’s outfield catch and cheer that made us all scream along… Hallie’s HoMe-RuN (I KNOW there will be a few more of those hits out of our girls before the season is over!)… our defense had some great double plays and our girls made some amazing progress batting. Hannah, Cortlynn, Suzanne, Makenna and Ty’s “wheels” … they are all  fast, fearless and base running machines! These girls aren’t afraid to steal! Lauren and Mady were timid in the batters box going into Friday but left the games bunting and swinging away!! Very proud!!!  Our girls cheered each other on from the dugout and on the field just as much when the chips were down as they were when things were perfect! I loved the positive attitude that came from our team, it wasn’t’ the same in every dugout! They knew they depended on and respected each other, and it showed!!!

Bruiser's 2013

Bruiser’s 2013

A shout out to our “fans” who moved in on the right & left field lines, cheered the team, encouraging the girls inning after inning!!!! They couldn’t have done it without you all!!!!

And, one last BIG shout out to our coaches Brad, Bruce, Mike, Justin & Patrick. I know as a parent, I feel incredibly blessed to have Madison playing on a team with not only a great group of girls, but with all of you. Your time, positive encouragement and teaching is something that I wish every girl playing could experience! Thank you!!!!

Our team grew and really had an amazing weekend!!!! We placed 4th in the tournament, the last Kalispell team standing! WAY TO GO BRUISERS! I hope that you are as proud of yourselves as your “fans” are!!!

"Bruiser's" May 2013

“Bruiser’s” May 2013

When did 40 happen?!?!

I have jokingly made comments about turning 40 this past weekend, a big milestone  in life, wondering “WHEN THE HELL DID THIS REALLY HAPPEN?” but in retrospect, it’s not heartbreaking, I’m not sad or bothered by it.

When I look in the mirror, I see a person with a lot to be thankful for. Blessed by family and an abundance of friends. Energized with goals that lie ahead. Scarred by the trials of life, educated by their experiences whether they were good or bad.

I’m lucky! I married my best friend who continues to lift me up and encourage me, even on the days I really don’t want to get out of bed. I love you Scott!

Two beautiful girls, Madison & Mackenzie, who amaze me everyday, shower me with unconditional love and inspire me.

I work hard everyday to live without regret. Realizing that each day is a blessing, and there is more out there to accomplish, see and do! If my life wouldn’t have happened just the way it did I wouldn’t be here right now. And I honestly don’t want to be anywhere else!

I don’t feel “old” (not sure why I thought I would?) and I hope that I don’t start dressing like a Grandma! I feel spunky and full of life, liberated in a way that I’m not afraid of who I am.

I’m excited about the years that lie ahead, knowing they will be full great things!

So here’s to spending many years

full of love with Scott,

watching our girls grow,

new adventures, and

I’m sure trials too,

maybe I’ll finally publish a book, or two…