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Younique… #somuchmorethanmascara

Wow… what a MONTH it has been!!!!

I honestly am 110% in LOVE with our new 3D+ Fiber Lash Mascara. It is 100% better than our original formula and I would have NEVER thought that that would have been possible to improve on. I’ve been blasting my FB with funny one eyed selfies lately just showing off how much better it really is! Super curious if YOU will love this new enhanced mascara as much as me???? Go to and click on Eyes, 3D+, add to cart and check out… your “magic” mascara will be in your hot little hands in just a few days!!!Steph 3D+

August is a new month and in true Younique fashion they have continued to raise the bar with their Kudos! Each month they come up with a fun bundle of products & roll it out in a special offer and this month they brought something to our line that I am HEAD OVER HEEEEEEEELS in love with…. LIPSTICK!!! Who would have ever dreamed lipstick would make someone so happy… well, it has!!! Our Three for Me Bundle has your choice of Bronzer, one of our UH-Mazing liners, and Stuck Up lipstick!! You can snatch yours up on my site by clicking and going to Kudos!! It’s shipped right to your door in a few days!!!!August Kudos

But… what I really want to share is something that is empowering and inspiring to me… RIGHT NOW. TODAY. And will be a drive for me to support as I continue my build my dream with Younique. See, I had no idea that I would be a part of this when I joined last November, it was just about the mascara for me. Then it become more about ALL the products I was falling in love with and grew daily with the amazing friendships I was making with women all over the country. Then I learned that our founders had a dream to start a foundation and that THAT dream had become a reality far faster than they ever imagined… The Younique Foundation.

What is The Younique Foundation? It’s a foundation set up to help support and educate women who have been victim’s of sexual abuse or violence as a child or adult. It’s a retreat where women can come together to get the resources they need to start to heal.

When I learned that MY business & company was supporting The Younique Foundation, I sat back and cried…  I AM helping women who have survived the unthinkable. Just like me and my journey with the lose of my sissy to the unthinkable. Women I can inspire to heal and support others too… I AM doing something amazing with this journey that started just because of mascara…

Tonight, I am so very proud to be a part of Younique. I WILL Uplift. Validate. Empower. women in my life, I WILL share the dream, I WILL support this foundation and encourage every woman I know to do the same!

Want to help me do that?? Let’s talk about all the ways you can! #somuchmorethanmascara