September 17, 2017

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The afternoon of September 17, 1984 the world of my family, friends and community was forever changed. The disappearance of my sister, Vicki Lynne, would become so much more than we ever knew.

In the days and months that she was missing, people tied yellow ribbons to everything as a symbol of hope for her safe return. On February 7, 1985, Vicki had been missing 143 days. To bring a positive token of love and hope for her safe return, our family with students & teachers from Homer Davis Elementary School, planted a Palo Verde tree in the courtyard. Yellow ribbons were tied to the branches of the tree.

For the next 30 years the tree grew tall and strong, blooming yellow flowers, still representing hope as we fought to bring justice to her. In October of 2015, the tree was uprooted and blown over in a storm. We were devastated that the beautiful symbol of love and hope was forever gone, and although we thought to replace it we knew we never could properly do so.

With the help of some amazing men, we were able to have a bench made from the wood of the Palo Verde tree and just a few short days before school started this August, the bench was placed in the front office of Homer Davis Elementary bringing back to the school the beautiful symbol of hope in Loving Memory of Vicki Lynne.

My mom and dad were able to take a special part of the tree which they will hang in their dining room, it will have the scripture “With God all things are possible” Matthew 19:26 placed with it.

I’m so very grateful for all those involved in making this possible. What started out in February of 1985 to be a positive tribute to my sister, still gets to be part of our lives for years to come.

A very special thanks to Jaime Sirminski who spearheaded the project and was able to put it all together, Rob Assenmacher, of Kevin Stout Operations who did the the CAID laser cut of the butterfly backing, and Matt McDonald of MHM Resources for milling the wood. I hope you realize what an incredible gift you have made by taking something so important to so many and making it beautiful again. 

To Dr. Baker, Superintendent of Flowing Wells Unified School District, Mr. Dunbar, Principal of Homer Davis School,Chad Miller, Principal Flowing Wells Junior High School, and all the staff, thank you for encouraging us to keep a piece of Vicki’s memory forever part of the school.

Vicki lives on in so many of us, our hopes are to continue to honor her in a positive and beautiful way. I encourage you, today especially, on the 33rd anniversary of her disappearance to share any stories you may have about her. If you never had the chance to meet her, share how her life and death impacted you… we will never be able to know all those who she has touched, but we do love to know her voice in strong in us all.

If you happen to stop in and sit on the bench, be sure to share a picture here or via Facebook. 

Today we will honor the beautiful little freckled face, blue eyed girl who lives in our heart forever.

Don’t forget Vicki Lynne.


  1. Cindy Birkes says

    Beautiful blog!

    • Agreed. I makes my heart smile when people are able to continue with support and encouragement with the loss of a loved one… 🙂

  2. Amelia Jacobo Encinas (PeeWee) says

    Vicki Lynne’s mother and I grew up together. From elementary school through high school we were friends. After high school we got married and lost touch with one another. Years later, I remember seeing my dear friend Debbie on the news begging for the safe return of her precious little girl. I sobbed for her, I felt my childhood friend’s heartache. I immediately began praying for Vicky Lynn.

    Recently, during the planning of our Pueblo High School’s 43rd Reunion, we reconnected, Debbie and her family have lost so much. I know she acts like she’s fine, but in her eyes, I see her saddness, and rightly so. That monster took so much away from my friend and her family. I hope he rots in hell!

    I pray that Debbie and her family, finally find peace; once justice is served on that animal that took the life of their precious little girl. Vicky Lynne, also will finally be able to test in peace.

  3. Hi Stephanie!
    I never knew Vicki Lynne, but I can never forget her. I first learned about the pretty tomboy when I was in grade four. It was a December Friday night when I slipt into a blanket and saw FBI Files. Vicki’s episode appeared and, since then I’ve been touched by her.
    I’ve heard thousands of missing kids or murdered children (RIP) but this story, captivated me. She was so pretty, amd her eyes melted my heart. For the next few years I was afraid to look at the face of her killer (may he burn in hell, amen). I’ve had recurring nightmares about him, and about Vicki.
    Each time I feel depressed I think about your sister, and I feel lucky. She might have never become a doctor, scientist, etc. But she became an angel.
    Bless her soul. I won’t forget this child, and I’ve spread word about her to my family/friends.

  4. Im watching the episode on Forensic files. Heartbreaking. Much love to all of you. Wherever she is, I hope she is happy. God bless.

  5. I recently hear of Vicki Lynne’s story and I am terribly sorry for you loss. I tragically lost a younger brother, age 14 to murder in 1993, and sometimes it seems like just yesterday. Although it has been many years, I know that the love in your heart and the memories of Vicki will never fade.

    Wishing you and your family all the best in this very tough ordeal. I hope you have a final resolve to this case sooner than later…