The End of the World? No, just the 4th grade

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Summer Vacation! Yahoooooooo! Right?

Yesterday, a reality hit me as I sat in the back row of Mr. Nikunen’s 4th grade classroom watching the incredible video highlights he put together of the 4th grade year.

ANOTHER school year has passed.

It was a great year. We have been so blessed each year with Madison’s teachers. Each one understanding that Madison is an incredible artist, but may struggle in math. When she daydreams in class, her mind is creating something I only wish I could express. She loves to draw and read, her soul is gentle, her spirit kind.

Madison has wandered around for days saying for that she “can imagine the last moments of 4th grade” and how sad she is about this. Watching the video I understood exactly what she was saying.

Mr. Nikunen made the classroom a place where the kids loved to be and filled with:

learning…. kindness and giggles……. silly dances…

the education of Ooblick….  

a few class clowns ….  24 Super Stars…. “Hooked on fishing”…. iPads…..

…the importance of friendship   ….being creative is cool

 ….the Montana History Trip…. reading…. kick ball wars…. lego “drag racers”….  

and he taught the kids that words are like toothpaste, they can’t be put back in the tube

We are walking away from this year with a lot of wonderful memories, new friendships formed and a teacher who left an imprint on our hearts.

Mady said she paused today before leaving the classroom to have one last moment to remember her year. I am sad that another year is over, because for me it means that our girls are still growing. And today, I would like the world to just stop……