The last chapter…

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An Opening Brief was filed by the defense in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit yesterday. 

The original file date was June 12, 2014 delayed to November 21, 2014, delayed again to March 12, 2015 and finally filed on May 11, 2015.  

It took almost 11 months to produce 99 pages arguing technicalities and reasons why Frank Atwood should not be put to death. Imagine the money the tax payers have spent in 333 days just for this brief? 

I am so relieved to have some sort of forward motion again…  for my parents, for my siblings, for my children, for my family, our friends… for our community.

But, I have to be completely honest here… I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that people actually get paid to defend a monster like Atwood. I know this may sound silly, but I can not imagine the time and man power it took to put together 99 pages of this crap!

And now… how many hours it will take the State of Arizona to rebut this…

On September 17,1984, Atwood hit my sissy with his car while she was riding her bike home from her best friends house. He drove with her in his car to the desert not far from our home and I can not fathom the fear she experienced on that ride. He sexually assaulted her. And, he didn’t kill her the first time, I know Vicki’s last words still haunt and puzzle him today… He would eventually bury her in a shallow grave in the desert… 207 days later only parts of her precious little body were found… placed in a small box and given to my parents to lay to rest. 

And more than 30 years later we are fighting him on technicalities. Nothing will change the fact that he brutally murdered this little girl in 1984. And I am confident that this brief will be the start of the last chapter in this book that has had no ending or justice for this beautiful little girl. 

Vicki Lynne Hoskinson, 4

Don’t forget Vicki Lynne.


  1. Mary Morawski says

    I totally can relate to what you’re going through, the justice system is set up to protect the guilty’s rights and the victim is often victimized all over again, I was fortunate, the man who murdered my brother got his in prison, they found him beaten to death, apparently the inmates have their own form of justice, and they dont like people who kill kids, at least not here in NY. We were able to avoid the technicalities, and retrials and other legal rubbish…I sincerely hope this is the end for your family and you find justice once and for all and that he will burn in hell as he deserves to <3

  2. Sandy Lemons says

    Still breaks my heart, as it did when it first happened in our neighborhood, Stephanie. I will never forget Vicki Lynne.

  3. George Grundberg says

    Shirley and I think about Vicki all the time and that wonderful smile of hers. It brings tears to the eyes each time. Our prayers are always with you and the family and for this crap to be over with as soon as possible. Love Ya. George

    • Love you and Aunt Shirley very very very much. You are two very special people to me and I am so blessed to have your love!!!

  4. It is absolutely horrifically terrible for your family to continue to deal with this 30 years later. I sincerely do not think any of us will forget. I am so saddened this continues to haunt you. My thoughts are with you and your family,

    • Thank you so much Kelly, we really appreciate your continued support as we fight for justice for Vicki.

  5. Michael Hoskinson says

    You know the love for your sister and our cousin circumvents the planet! Frank Atwood’s fate is sealed no matter what happens. He can try to delay it, but he will not be able get around what will happen. Thank you Stephanie, for keeping us invormed!

  6. I know this is a old article but i went to walter douglas at the same time vicki did and it stuck with me along time. Think i lived on delano and remember a mcfrugals and i think a kmart where the police station is now. Also remember my neighbor shooting a friend of his in the knee in front of me and taking off so was a rough neiborhood. Im sorry for you and your familys lost and just wanted to tell you i and im sure others at walter douglas have kept vicki in their thoughts.

  7. I feel for all of your families loss. I did not know Vicky Lnn other than what I heard growing up. I was a resident of Pomerene since 1973 and my father (RIP) was a police officer in Benson at the time.

    I learned a lot about (creeps) and people like Atwood sadly due to Vicky Lynn. Have always kept you and your family in mind. Prayers will always be with you all. And sad to say but I still hope he finally dies and the system proves he deserves it! My prayers to all of you.


  8. Michael Balshaw says

    Michael Balshaw (UK) says:

    Just watched FBI Files episode that deals with this case for the second time and I am just as upset as the first time I watched it if not more so. Cannot comprehend how a person can gain pleasure from murdering an innocent child? What is wrong with this world?